Jose Enriquez Ph.D.

Founder Chief Executive Officer

Caryn Martinez

Chief Financial Officer

Robert Herrera

Chief Financial Officer

Kayla Nielsen

Chief Operating Officer

Julie Arocha

Director of Events and Activities/Regional Program Manager

Linda Torres

Regional Program Manager | Central Florida/Tampa

Vanessa Alder

Regional Program Manager | Utah North/Idaho

Grethel Becerra

Regional Program Manager | Utah South/Nevada

Geraldine Vea

Regional Program Manager South Florida

Andrea Bruno

Regional Program Manager | Broward /Illinois/Iowa

Camilla Ramazzini

Data Specialist

Nate Creer, DHSC, MBA

Virtual Education Specialist Special Projects Support

Angela Puertas

Family Engagement Specialist

Shelly Chin

Grants/Development Project Coordinator

James Carrie Puertas

Higher Education Coordinator

Luis Castro

Media & Technology Specialist

Flor Ruelas

Administrative Assistant

Ciara West

Administrative Assistant

Jhonatan Castillo

Web Master/Graphic Designer