The LIA Youth Leadership Boot Camp provides hands-on leadership training for LIA youth and college students who are elected to LIA leadership positions in secondary schools and our college chapters. It is a four-day, three night camp intended to fortify youth with the tools, skills, and self-efficacy to succeed academically, as well as becoming visible leaders in their communities. College chapter students serve as mentors and counselors for the students, guiding them through their learning experience.


It’s an unparalleled, formative experience for these youth that prepares them to lead during the school year. Students stay on a local university’s campus, participate in workshops, collaborate with school teams to set goals and plan their year, compete in team-building activities, and enjoy an etiquette dinner, dance, and outdoor recreational activities.

Three important things to know before you register:

1.  You must be nominated by your LIA teacher to attend the event.
2. Before registering, you will be asked to pay a $10 fee for your shirt and to solidify your spot at camp.
3. LIA will provide transportation to the Boot Camp from a central pick up location in your district. You will be required to provide transportation to and from the pick up location before and after the conference. Pick up and drop off times will be included in your Boot Camp Packet.

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Utah State University-Eastern
(Price, Utah)

June 26-28, 2018


Saint Leo University
(Tampa, FL)

July 11-13, 2018


Utah State University
(Logan, Utah)

July 18-20, 2018



Parents, it is our utmost priority to ensure that your child is safe and has a positive educational and leadership experience at Boot Camp.
Please check out this video for answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Boot Camp.



For Utah Parents
Also, please plan to attend a “Parent Night” if there is one available in your area. You will be able to meet us and ask any questions. We provide parent nights in both English and Spanish in where we will share the vision for Boot Camp and discuss the safety and protection of students.


Each will last from 6:30-7:30PM and childcare will be provided.
▪Granger High School – May 22, 2018
▪American Fork Junior – May 23, 2018
▪Ogden High School – May 24, 2018
▪Canyons School District (9361 S 300 E, Sandy, UT 84070) – May 29, 2018
▪Woods Cross High School – May 30, 2018
▪Springville High School – May 31, 2018


Who will supervise the students?

Each student will be assigned to a same gender group of 7-10 students, supervised by one “Camp Counselor,” a current LIA college student who will attend all workshops & activities with them.

How is the lodging arranged?

Boys and girls stay in separate dorms under adult supervision. They are not allowed to enter each others’ rooms. We conduct roll call each night and morning.

Why don't students stay in dorm rooms with their classmates?

Students share dorm rooms with others from different schools. All will be from the same grades and same gender. For example, one dorm room will house multiple 7th grade girls from several middle schools.


This is to promote collaboration amongst schools and facilitate the exchange of exciting ideas. It also helps LIA students learn to network with others and get outside their comfort zone to learn how to better develop friendships and lead.

Can parents participate?

Parents of LIA students attending the Boot Camp are welcome to drop-off and pick-up their student instead of having the student ride the bus. Parents who would like to drop off and pick up their LIA student should contact Valeria Garcia at


If parents would like to participate in the Boot Camp, they are welcome to attend workshops and events. Lodging and meals will not be provided for parents. Only the LIA student’s parents/legal guardians may attend the conference. No other children will be allowed to participate in the Boot Camp.

What does my child have to bring to camp?

A waiver form signed by parents/legal guardian. Students who do not have a signed waiver will not be able to participate in the Boot Camp.

Can my child bring medicine?

Per Education Regulations, students will need to check in all medicine with the designated camp leader upon arrival. Medicine needs to come in its appropriate container with the prescription on it. Students will be able to keep only the following medicines on their person: Inhaler for asthma, Epi-Pen, Diabetes medications/supplies

Is there a cost?


Where do I drop off and pick up my child?

Parents have the option of dropping off and picking up their students from the campus or relying on the provided transportation. We will send more information as we get closer to the dates.

Will parents be able to get a hold of their child during the boot camp?

Yes, but students should remember they will be at camp to learn and experience, not spend all their time on their phones.

Can a child leave early or arrive late?

If a student must arrive late or leave the camp early they can be dropped off and/or picked up only by a parent or legal guardian.

Wondering what you’ll be doing at camp?


Skills-Building Workshops: Students engage in workshops that help them develop and refine their leadership skills such as how to organize, how to run meetings, how to delegate and follow-up on assignments, and how to best fulfill their position in the LIA presidency. Each student will also learn how to “Mastermind,” or set goals and resolve challenges together as a presidency. Schools will then create a goal to work on for the first quarter. During the school year, Regional Program Managers will bring cohorts of LIA schools together to continue to Mastermind on a quarterly basis. At these quarterly Mastermind meetings, presidencies will report on their goal. If they accomplished the goal, they will set a new one. Each time an LIA presidency achieves a goal, LIA will donate a monetary reward to the class LIA fund.


Professional Etiquette Dinner: On one of the nights, Latino community leaders and professionals join us for an etiquette dinner and panel in which they share their journeys and personal advice with students. Afterwards, students practice networking with these leaders.


Team-Building Activities: Each day, students participate in team-building activities designed to help unify them as a school team along with getting to know LIA peers in nearby schools. In essence, this becomes a “train the trainer” model; we encourage students to use these activities with their LIA classes in order to build greater unity at their schools.


Collaboration: We have dedicated “School Planning” time in which LIA presidencies meet to set goals for the year and plan activities. Teachers are invited, and highly encouraged, to join their students for this session.


Additionally, during the first day and a half, we structure the majority of activities to intentionally mix students so that LIA students develop friendships with leaders from other schools. This encourages an exciting exchange of new ideas as students hear about the innovative things that other schools are doing.

Fun: We build in lots of recreational activities like swimming, volleyball, other sports like soccer of course, a dance, a movie, and games.


Mentorship: Students are assigned a “famiLIA” while at camp. This is a team of 7-10 students of the same gender who work together for the entire camp. Each “famiLIA” is mentored by a camp counselor who is a current LIA college student which provides for one-on-one mentoring. These college students share their experiences as former LIA leaders. In addition, the college camp counselors share their personal paths to college, along with insight into college life and advice to help you be successful at all levels.


Still have questions? Contact us by email at

We hope you will serve as a “Camp Counselor” at our upcoming Boot Camp.


As a camp counselor, you will be assigned as a mentor/counselor for 7-10 middle school or high school students. Not only will you lead them through their activities during the week, but you will inspire them. We know that you are an example of ‘servant leadership.’ As students interact with you at the camp and see your example, they will be inspired to follow in your footsteps and become successful leaders themselves.


Our middle and high school students are motivated as they see and hear your journey; it helps them start to believe even more in their potential. It is a life-changing experience for you and the students!


A few important FAQs:

Who can volunteer as a camp counselor?

Camp Counselors must be enrolled in college for Fall 2018 as a sophomore, junior or senior.

How long is camp?

Four days. Camp counselors arrive one day before camp-goers for special training and team building experiences. You will become close friends with the other camp counselors and will be prepared to work with your middle or high school students.

How do I get to camp?

You will need to provide your own transportation to and from camp, but the good news is that LIA pays for your entire stay, all meals and lodging. It’s free!

Do I need to stay the entire time?

We are looking for camp counselors who can stay the entire time because you will build relationships with students and they will be depending on your support and friendship during camp.

Contact us with any questions:
Valeria Garcia (903.747.2663)

Here is all you ever need to know about Boot Camp:

You can print this off and give it to your 3 students you select to attend camp.

Interested in serving as a bus chaperone? Check out this flyer