Primary LIA Logo


The primary LIA logo has two elements: the Shield icon and the supporting wordmark “Latinos In Action” These two elements work in concert and cannot be resized, rearranged, or altered in any way.

Safe Area

The safe area is equal to one-half the height of the Shield used in the logo for that application. A “safe area” should always exist around the logo to allow for maximum legibility. No elements such as typography, other logos, or graphics should intrude into the safe area. Placing the logo too near a cut or folded edge also violates the safe area. Photos and colors can appear beneath the logo so long as the logo remains easily visible and recognizable.


Acceptable Color Variations

Original Color

Block Color

School Color

School Color Background

The Shield

There are two different uses for the shield one is the full shield and the other one is the inside of the shield for merchandise and clothing prints


Complete shield


Inside of shield


Title Text

Latinos In Action uses Montserrat Font to display titles on print and web

Paragraph Text

Latinos In Action uses Lato Font to display titles on print and web


LIA Colors

Latinos In Action uses a combination of gray scale colors and full colors please see the image below for samples and values. Gray scale colors are mostly used for content text but NEVER BLACK, full colors are used for different variety of graphics and digital prints.


LIA Icons

Icons can be used for social media with the inner silhouette of the logo.