College Chapters

The LIA College Chapters Initiative is aimed at establishing Latinos In Action chapters within colleges and universities across the nation. This program offers a unique opportunity for our high school graduates to continue their LIA journey into their college years. By joining a college chapter, they can engage in volunteer opportunities, act as counselors at our LIA Boot Camp, and participate in valuable networking events. The aim is to create a continuum of engagement and leadership development, fostering a lifelong connection with the LIA community and maintaining the momentum of Latino youth empowerment.

Leadership Development

Enhance your leadership skills through various roles, from volunteering at events to serving as counselors at LIA Boot Camp.

Continued Engagement

Continue your LIA journey through college, furthering your personal and professional development.


Create valuable connections with like-minded individuals within the university setting, and across the broader LIA community.

Community Service

Take part in meaningful community service activities, furthering our mission of serving and strengthening our communities.


Gain the opportunity to mentor younger LIA students, sharing your experiences and providing guidance.


For more information about the LIA College Chapters, or if you have any questions, please contact James our LIA College Chapters specialist at: