Our support extends from elementary school through middle/junior high and high school, and into college. Our college chapter students are comprised of LIA alumni as well as other students interested in developing their leadership skills, broadening their academic, social, and professional networks, and mentoring soon-to-be college students at their local high schools.

Latinos In Action and the Consulado de Mexico en Salt Lake City announce the 2019 IME Becas Scholarship. Current post-secondary students enrolled in academic education plans in Utah (college, vocational school, tech school) who are Mexican or of Mexican origin are eligible to apply.

Application period:  Tuesday, September 3 – Tuesday, September 24
Applicants must complete the online application and submit the following:
  • Resume
  • Personal Statement (up to 2 pages)
  • Proof of Mexican origin (copy of birth certificate, Mexican passport, or other government ID for yourself and a parent/grandparent to show Mexican origin)
  • Current transcript or proof of enrollment if a first-year student